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“Thank you for all your help with our son. We have appreciated Britt and Justin (who, although was short term, was very helpful) last year. Keep up the great tutoring.”
Annette Y.

“I am a striving massage therapist in a huge community that was struggling to gain my MBLEX certification. My educational career has been nothing but tough, with academic troubles in testing areas. My family was always supportive, providing after-school tutoring, but nothing truly helped.
"Luckily, my boss told me what I’ve heard my whole life: 'You just need to learn it however you need to learn it; everyone does it a different way. Find your way.' I listened, and believed him.
"The following week I met with Will. He had a great attitude and supported me from the beginning, asking how I’d tried to learn already and what I though was working. He made it feel comfortable; even though I’d failed before, he stressed that this is a great opportunity to be better and work harder. The material was difficult. Even he didn’t know some of what I had to learn (something that I initially thought would frustrate me and hold us back in areas), Will continuously took the extra time to understand it and put it in a perspective that I could understand. We were able to get through it together due in large part to his tutoring skill and professional attitude. 
"Will was also persistent on giving extra work to benefit me, helping me with flash cards, developing a study strategy, and staying dedicated to our tutoring sessions. This played a huge roll in me passing my test. Will was phenomenal from the beginning to end. I told him it was impossible at the beginning, and he showed me that it wasn't and that I could do it. I believe he is going to be a great tutor for every student.
"AP tutors is different. Not all tutors are the same, and I will 100% recommend anyone to AP Tutors because I am the proof that what they do works!
"Thank you to Will and the AP Tutors team!”
Kyler Wells

"Thank you for all you've done this year for my son this year. You have truly been a gift from God. He has learned so much with you (although he wouldn't admit it). We hope you and your family have a wonderful summer!"
Debby C.

"Kasi has been completely excellent. She took a ton of stress off the house. We are extremely happy with her. She's cheerful and keeps our son calm. He has actually learned the algebra this year because she lets him be hands on in learning."
Rebecca M.

"Thank you for all the help with my son. We have appreciated both Justin this year (though he was short term, he was very helpful) and Britt last year. Keep up the great tutoring."
Annette Y

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